Resonant Solutions offers a variety of consulting services as listed below. Our particular strength is in finding viable solutions through taking a systems approach, including the integration of diverse disciplines and technologies. 

Consulting Services:

  • ● Multi-disciplinary integration
  • ● Total energy assessments and energy effectiveness
  • ● Renewable energies and storage
  • ● Energy Mass Balances and Life Cycle Assessments
  • ● Concepts development
  • ● Energy, mechanical, structural and civil engineering

Advisory Services:

  • ● Governance and Processes
  • ● Strategy and Risk
  • ● Performance Improvement
  • ● Project direction and systems setup
  • ● Policy development and formulation
  • ● Development of business strategies and feasibility studies


  • ● $25M saving on a $200M port/rail expansion project through taking a systems approach and revamping the layout.
  • ● Reduction of a project cost from $18M to $9M for a waste water storage facility.
  • ● 10 times under budget for a conveyer off-take system using a simple mechanical device in lieu of sensors, hydraulics, and electronic control.
  • ● 5x reduction in energy and mixing costs in fibre cement industry, by changing the mixing method.
  • ● Repositioning a boiler with negligible capital increase, but had substantial environmental and social benefits, which ultimately lead to economic benefits


  • ● Introduction of a world first 600kW mobile fan with potential payback in less than a year, from early energy analysis.
  • ● Development of 2-axis solar drive/tracking system and later deployed commercially.
  • ● World first (and patented) internal cathodic protection aerodynamic support structure for cooling ducts on a power station.
  • ● Patents for clutch and actuator systems in the automotive industry of a massed produced motor mechanism.
  • ● Distillation of tailings liquor to enable water recycling (still to be proven commercially)


  • ● Capture of waste heat for water purification and energy generation in an integrated solar thermal hybrid project.
  • ● Use of solar energy direct heat for curing cement pipes.
  • ● Engineering, project and commercial advisor on wind energy projects which identified and resolved potential problems.
  • ● Reuse of waste particle board (which were to become landfill) as insulating walls for a low temperature curing oven.
  • ● Using slimline water tanks as lost formwork or internal walls, while providing water storage.

Resonant Solutions has formulated a unique strategy to the question of sustainability through a holistic systems approach which incorporates energy, economics, environment and society, to be rolled out to business, government and the public. 

Ecoper principles:

The system known as Ecoper (‘eco’ meaning home and pertaining to economics and ecology, and ‘per’ for perpetual) is based on the principles of:

    ● A fair and level playing field, while allowing for ‘live and let live’
  • ● The ‘Dependence Pyramid’, where each item in the pyramid is 100% dependent on the item below
  • ● An energy based accounting system to provide a cost basis for externalities (‘hidden’ costs such as emissions, adverse health effects, loss of bio-diversity, consequential damage)

Just as strong companies attain financial success through investing in their people and systems, so too a strong economy results from a nurturing a strong society and environment. Through a thorough risk assessment and strategy process, Resonant can identify how your organisation can deal with the high probability of eco-systems/economic crises.